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Send Review Invitations: Take Feedback and Build Trust in Your Brand

Automated review invitations provide a seamless way to reach out to customers and enhance your online presence. In this blog post, we will explain how to send review invitations, and provide insights into integrating this powerful tool into your business ecosystem.


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How Automatic Invitations Work on TrustFinance:

Customer Transaction:
When a customer engages in a transaction with your business, such as placing an order or receiving an invoice, TrustFinance captures this event.

Invitation Email:
TrustFinance automatically sends an invitation email to the customer, requesting their review. The email is designed to be personalized, engaging, and user-friendly, ensuring a higher response rate.

Verified Reviews and TrustScore:
Once the customer submits their review, it becomes a verified review on TrustFinance. These reviews contribute to your TrustScore, an overall measure of your business's reputation and customer satisfaction. A higher TrustScore boosts your brand's credibility and attracts more potential customers.

Integrations: Making Invitations Effortless

TrustFinance offers seamless plug-and-play integrations to simplify the process of sending automatic invitations. Currently, two popular integration options are available:

JavaScript Integration:
For businesses with a web presence, the JavaScript integration is a powerful solution. By embedding a snippet of code into your website, TrustFinance can automatically trigger invitation emails based on customer transactions.

Salesforce Integration:
For businesses utilizing Salesforce as their CRM platform, TrustFinance integrates seamlessly. This integration enables automated invitation emails to be sent directly from Salesforce, streamlining the entire process.

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No Integration? No Problem!

If your business employs a different eCommerce marketing system that sends emails to customers (such as order confirmations or invoices), you can still leverage TrustFinance Automatic Invitations. The Automatic Invitations feature (AFS) allows easy integration with your existing system.

Step 1 : Upload a file with customer data

Step 2 : Sender Information


Step 3 : Create your invitation email

Step 4 : Check details before you hit send
Step 5 : Finish