TrustFinance Essential Analytics

The Analytics provides comprehensive review metrics to give you valuable insights. Discover the source of your reviews, track the quantity of reviews received, and monitor your TrustScore.

How to access the analytics

To access your Overview, navigate to TrustFinance Business > Analytics > Overview

The displayed data represents the last 28 days and does not include the current day.
Screenshot 2566-06-16 at 13.00.48The Overview section presents the following information:

Reviews collected: The total number of reviews collected within the past 28 days.

Invitations delivered: The overall number of invitations sent and delivered in the last 28 days.

Current TrustScore: Your current TrustScore, which can also be viewed on your business profile page.

Distribution of stars: The percentage of reviews distributed across different star levels.

Source of reviews: The percentage breakdown of reviews based on their source, including automatic invitations, manual invitations, and organic reviews.

Screenshot 2566-06-16 at 13.31.39

Public profile page visits: The total number of visits to your business's profile page and the proportion of traffic originating directly from the Trustpilot homepage.

To access profile page visits, navigate to TrustFinance Business > Reach

By utilizing TrustFinance's Essential Analytics, you can gain valuable insights into your review performance, enabling you to make informed decisions and drive the success of your business.