Self-Service Guide for TrustFinance Enterprise Plan

Our Enterprise plan unlocks full advanced tools and features. This guide will walk you through the exclusive features and capabilities that come with this plan, allowing you to maximize the benefits for your business.

Unlimited Review Invitations and Reply

With the Enterprise Plan, you can send an unlimited number of review invitations to your customers. Also, this plan gives you the freedom to respond to reviews without any limitations This means you can actively collect feedback and reviews to build trust and credibility and strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Advanced 12 Showcase Widgets

Access our advanced widget library, featuring 12 different widgets, to showcase review content on your website and emails. These widgets provide dynamic and visually appealing displays of customer reviews, enhancing your online presence.

Enhanced Analytics and Insights

Gain deeper insights into your review data and business performance with our enhanced analytics. Analyze trends, track key metrics, and extract valuable insights to make data-driven decisions and continuously improve your strategy.

Social Sharing & Image Generator

Leverage the power of social media by sharing customer reviews and generating captivating images with our Image Generator feature. Use customer feedback to strengthen your brand's image and engage with your audience on various social platforms.

Ad-free Profile Page

Enjoy an ad-free experience on your business profile page. Eliminate distractions and focus solely on showcasing your brand and building trust with your customers.

Advertising & Promotion Support

Receive support for advertising and promotion activities. TrustFinance will assist you with various initiatives, such as search engine optimization (SEO) for your profile page, social media ads, and other promotional efforts.

Exclusive Integrations

TrustFinance offers a range of exclusive integrations to enhance your experience and streamline your business operations. These integrations provide seamless connectivity and enable you to leverage the full potential of our platform. As an Enterprise plan user, you'll have access to the following integrations: APIs, Zendesk, Webhook Notifications, and Zapier.

Live Implementation & Success Manager

Enjoy personalized support from a dedicated customer success manager. They will guide you through the implementation process, offer strategic advice, and assist you in maximizing the value of TrustFinance for your business.